Is Blockchain Procurement's Silver Bullet?

Is Blockchain Procurement's Silver Bullet?

Growing global complexity in supply chain management has forced organizations to look towards technology serving as the missing link between people (supply chain actors) and the ability to collaborate at scale. 

Procurement organizations, in particular, are one of the SCM functions being put under increased pressure in the new risk reality. Stakeholders are increasingly demanding transparency and clearly defined performance from the procurement function, which requires a better understanding of procurement Big Data, increased automation, and smarter collaboration spaces.
This raises the question... Could Blockchain be procurement's silver bullet?
What should you expect in this eBook?
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • A brief overview of Blockchain's History in Business Application
  • Definition of Blockchain Technology
  • Market Trends of Blockchain in SCM
  • Assessment of Blockchain's potential for application
  • 4 Practical Benefits Blockchain brings to Procurement

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