3 Procurement Case Studies Showing Positive ROI from SRM


"What type of ROI will we get from Supplier Relationship Management?"

When seeking additional funds to enhance their processes and technology, procurement teams often face numerous queries.

The 2023 CPO Compass Survey by Procurement Leaders highlighted that the primary areas earmarked for procurement tech investments were supplier risk management and supplier performance management.

While procurement chiefs recognize the critical importance of investing in supplier relationship management tools, how can they ensure the acquisition of the necessary CAPEX budget, especially during broader financial downturns?

It's crucial to stand firm and argue for the rightful allocation of the tech budget to your procurement department. But, are you equipped with the compelling evidence to showcase the beneficial ROI of digital procurement tools?

Join us on October 4th at 15:00 CET (14:00 UK time).

What will this Webinar offer?
- A welcome note by Sam Jenks, Chief Growth Officer at Kodiak Hub.

- Making a Compelling Argument for SRM.

- Insights from 3 Customer Experiences.

- An interactive showcase of Kodiak Hub’s SRM tool.