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About Us

Kodiak Hub is the brainchild of technology professionals and global supply chain, sustainability, quality and sourcing executives, who think that smart, safe and sustainable sourcing and supplier relationship management, should not be as difficult - or risky - as it is today.

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Kodiak Hub Roar
Our Story

What makes Kodiak Roar?

In 2016, Spring flourished in Stockholm, Sweden. Kodiak Hub emerged from its den and started the quest to empower Buyers to use negotiation power and engagement tactics that create lasting positive changes in their global supply chains, enabled by great technology.

The founding team of Kodiak Hub had spent years working in corporate environments with global teams, honing the ability to develop business value through a collaborative and partnership approach, and were struck by the lack of user-friendly easy B2B tools. Why wasn't technology being used as a means to connect people, and enable collaboration, or provide easy and quick access to the right data and intelligence needed for smarter decisions? How come managers and executives had access to better analytics when they went for a run in the morning than when they stepped into the office an hour later? 

Kodiak Hub is on a quest to solve this challenge.

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Our Purpose

Powering Sustainable Trade

To power sustainable trade, creating shared and sustainable value requires catering to the needs on both sides of a trading table, creating winners among both Buyers and Suppliers.  The purpose of Kodiak Hub is to enable businesses to unlock and leverage value in their value chain with the help of state-of-the-art and user-friendly technology developed for people, by people, at the intersection of great design, user experience & science.

Our Identity

Who we are

We are a game-changer for the way companies leverage value in their global supply chains, at the awesome crossroad between Tech, Sourcing, Procurement, Quality and Sustainability. From this intersection we enable companies to scale truly sustainable value; enhancing sustainable business and procurement practices at their source, bringing new and innovative products and services to customers and new markets through traceable and transparent supply chains.

Time to hear procurement ROAR!

Kodiak’s Roar

At Kodiak Hub, we too have distinct attributes that can be seen and heard within our team and within our products - we call this Kodiak’s Roar. Our Roar has weaved its way into the very fibers of our company’s existence, our purpose, and can be experienced in everything we do. The 3 C’s of Kodiak’s Roar are listed below:


Creating something extraordinary, that has the potential to have a significant positive impact on people and the planet, requires us to take intelligent risks. 

In this pursuit, we stay cool and confident; fully committed to our purpose.


Designing & Developing things for others to use, demands empathy. This path of building a great product is made up of countless acts of caring for our users. 

In this quest, we show up for our users,  we strive to simplify with an aim to clarify and we always communicate with honest intent.


As we venture into new territories, we ask questions rooted in our genuine interest in how things work and why they work the way they do. 

Curiosity makes us go the extra mile, and look at every problem as an opportunity to learn and grow.


Contrary to the common belief, bears aren’t mean or malicious animals. Bears are tolerant, gentle and affectionate animals. Leaders of the pack, are devoted to their pack, and clear about their place in the wild. Not unlike people, bears can be empathetic, fearful, playful and even altruistic.












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