Summarizing & Comparing The 8 Best SRM Software Providers

New SRM solutions are a game-changer for Procurement – but it's important to choose the right software for your business. Here's a guide to the leaders in the SRM space.

Every business understands the critical importance of a reliable supply chain to fulfill demands promptly, ensure quality standards, and maintain a competitive edge. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software serves as the conduit for fostering closer ties with suppliers, monitoring performance, enhancing accountability, and preemptively addressing potential issues before they escalate.

While the SRM software space is still relatively new and growing, there are still several solutions to choose from and it's important to adopt the procuretech software that suites your business best. With a best-of-breed SRM system that fits your needs, your business can enhance transparency, operational efficiency, and workflows, instilling confidence in senior management and stakeholders alike. But how does one determine the SRM platform with an optimal fit for their enterprise? Here's a cheat sheet of some of the leaders in Supplier Relationship Management technology to help you streamline your search. 

Top 8 Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Solutions:

1. Kodiak Hub

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, Kodiak Hub is a pioneering SRM software that quickly emerged as a prominent player in the field. With the diverse corporate backgrounds of its founding team, Kodiak Hub ensures that their best-of-breed SRM solutions resonate with genuine comprehension of business needs and challenges associated with legacy procurement systems. With its recognition as a ProcureTech 100 pioneering digital solution for the past two years, Kodiak Hub has established itself as a leader in Supplier Relationship Management innovation. 

Kodiak Hub's end-to-end SRM platform offers a modular suite of plug-and-play tools, setting it apart from Source-to-Pay providers and all-in-one Procurement suites by focusing solely on excelling in Supplier Relationship Management. From improved Supplier Information Management (SIM) with data consolidation of all supplier information and documents to streamlined supplier onboarding, risk monitoring, and self-assessment tools – along with enhanced performance management and robust supplier scorecards and insights – Kodiak Hub covers all bases with a speciality in driving supplier performance, collaboration, and sustainable impact. And with its innovative reporting functionality, Kodiak Hub ensures comprehensive insights and quick access to answers for any query that executive teams or stakeholders might pose.

Despite its extensive functionality, Kodiak Hub has prioritized user-friendliness and intuitive design. Businesses can seamlessly implement the no-code solution within weeks, reaping the benefits with minimal disruption and offering a quick time to value.


2. Jaggaer

Hailing from North Carolina, Jaggaer may seem like a newcomer, but it inherits a legacy from SciQuest, a cloud-based software pioneer since the 1990s.

Jaggaer's CRM solution acts as a centralized repository for supplier data, leveraging AI-driven predictive software to manage risks and identify new opportunities. Data is presented through intuitive dashboards, facilitating the rapid generation of comprehensive performance reports.


3. SAP Ariba

The merger between California-based Ariba and German software giant SAP birthed SAP Ariba a decade ago. Specializing in Source-to-Pay software, SAP Ariba serves the supply chain management niche with solutions tailored for both buyers and suppliers.

Aligned closely with SAP's broader B2B network, SAP Ariba facilitates the transition of numerous businesses to cloud-based SRM solutions, offering five distinct software solutions: Supplier Management, Strategic Sourcing, Direct Spend, Procurement, and Financial Supply Chain.


4. Medius

Operating from its headquarters near Manchester for two decades, Medius gained recognition primarily for its Accounts Payable automation software. Expanding its portfolio, Medius now offers procurement, sourcing, contract management, and supplier management solutions.

Medius' cloud-based SRM package features a centralized hub where suppliers can upload information through a self-service portal, relieving clients of administrative burdens and enhancing vendor data accuracy. Tools for validating supplier credentials and a robust report builder further augment supplier performance analysis.


5. Coupa

Headquartered in California with hubs across North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Coupa Software was established in 2006 and provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions optimizing spending, supply chain management, and liquidity.

Coupa's SRM offering distinguishes itself with a focus on third-party risk management. While adhering to fundamental principles of supplier data gathering, benchmarking, and performance reporting, Coupa places emphasis on risk mitigation and control, which is reflected in its management reports' language, metrics, and controls.


6. Ivalua

As another California-based S2P specialist, Ivalua shares many similarities to SAP Ariba's platform. But with over two decades of experience, Ivalua offers strong expertise in Procurement and has found its own niche in the industry. 

Ivalua positions itself as a platform in the truest sense, offering a wide array of solutions encompassing supplier risk appraisal, sourcing, contract management, invoicing, payments, and analytics. All these are integrated through a common platform, fostering improved visibility, enhanced insights, improved efficiencies, and more strategic decision-making.


7. Zycus

Last but not least, Zycus has been a pioneering S2P solution since its founding in 1998 and the launch of its Merlin AI suite in 2022. This highly-acclaimed solution is known for its conversational AI, providing a user experience reminiscent of B2C interactions.

Like its counterparts, Zycus emphasizes migrating office-based SRM to cloud-based solutions and adopts a firm stance on risk-based SRM approaches.

8. Kissflow

Kissflow is a cloud-based Procurement platform designed to streamline and automate business processes, including supplier relationship management. Its wide range of tools and features primarily help organizations manage their workflows, projects, and tasks more efficiently - but also offers SRM solutions for supplier self-service, paperless onboarding, vendor screening, performance monitoring, and corrective actions.  

With Kissflow's workflow management and SRM features, their software aims to improve productivity, collaboration, and transparency within teams, across departments, and with suppliers. Overall, Kissflow is focused on empowering organizations to digitize their processes, reduce manual work, improve efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.


In conclusion

SRM's pivotal role in optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and nurturing strategic partnerships throughout the entire value chain cannot be overstated. Different SRM solutions approach these objectives from varying perspectives, prioritizing goals differently.

Thus, determining the best SRM software isn't merely a matter of features or technologies. The comparison outlined above offers insight into which SRM solution aligns most closely with not just your business's needs but also its ethos and approach to SRM.

No matter which solution fits your business best, improving your SRM with innovative new technology is essential for facing new challenges, improving resiliency, and unlocking sustainable value within your supply chain. We hope that this guide will assist you in finding the right solution and transforming the way that you and your suppliers do business. 

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