From Reports to Results: The Kodiak Hub SRM Value Journey

Go beyond "just reports" for your ESG to drive top-line value & long-lasting change throughout your entire supply chain with the SRM system that transforms information into impact.

ESG reports are essential to bring attention to one of the most pressing issues of our time. But let’s face it — they don’t mean much unless they lead to change and real-world results.  It has now become essential for Procurement and Sourcing teams to adopt the triple bottom-line perspective of People, Planet, and Profit and put it into action.  

Supply chain transformation requires the support and collaboration of your suppliers, partners, and stakeholders. That’s why Kodiak Hub’s mission is to empower Procurement and Sourcing teams with intuitive Supplier Relationship Management solutions designed for the future.  

Here’s a brief overview of how Kodiak Hub transforms your information into impact, taking you on a value journey that transcends simple risk management towards driving top-line growth and sustainable stakeholder value.

For starters, Kodiak Hub centralizes all your supplier information into a single source of truth, freeing your team from yesterday’s scattered data silos of spreadsheets, emails, and legacy systems. Consolidate all your supplier information, documents, products, assessments, audit reports, corrective actions, and third-party risk data in one intuitive platform — ensuring that no data gets left behind and that your team always has easy access to it, saving you time while boosting efficiency and accuracy.
Supplier map screen

With your supplier data centralized, Kodiak Hub automatically transforms this information into insight visualizations on supplier risk, performance, quality, sustainability, and more. Our platform connects the dots between all your supplier data, bringing you up-to-date insights without any manual work. With elegant scorecards that cover a large scope of internationally-recognized indices and data sources, Kodiak Hub gives you an in-depth understanding of your entire supply chain that enables smarter and faster data-driven decisions.
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After streamlining your SIM and performance insights, Kodiak Hub allows you to shift your perspective from a reactive mode - focused on analyzing historical spend - to a proactive mode of continuously improving supply chain resilience and driving top-line value. Our SRM platform enables you to develop a broader approach to supply chain value, with unparalleled intelligence that helps you predict future performance, identify new opportunities, drive improvements, improve negotiations, and make truly strategic decisions that unlock future value today. 

With actionable intelligence and improved efficiency, Kodiak Hub empowers you to drive performance, collaboration, and innovation together with your best suppliers. The platform’s innate collaboration features turn your suppliers into strategic partners and enables you – and your suppliers - to quickly act on new opportunities whilst fostering value-generating innovation throughout your entire supply chain.
Supply chain transformation is a multi-player mission that requires collaboration involving your best suppliers. With Kodiak Hub, you will revolutionize the way that you and your suppliers do business together to power performance, predictability, and purpose throughout your whole value chain. Future-proof your business while creating positive change at scale for all parties involved!


From information to impact...
Kodiak Hub is crafted to fundamentally transform the functions of Procurement and Sourcing, enabling teams to tackle the new challenges that they face and drive sustainable impact and top-line value throughout their supply chains.   

While risk management and ESG reporting are an important means to an end, they unfortunately will not change anything on their own. Only people can! Kodiak Hub is your vehicle for precision in procurement and power in partnerships, enabling you and your suppliers to progress along a new value journey that delivers real, long-lasting results.  

Malin Schmidt 
Founder and CEO, Kodiak Hub

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