Turn Supplier Relationships into Your Competitive Advantage

Kodiak Hub's platform offers a modular suite of supplier relationship management solutions that teams can plug & play to capture supplier data & information, spot supply chain risks, manage contracts, categories, documents, and products, assess and audit compliance, evaluate and improve performance and drive innovation. Unlock the value that resides in the different phases of a buyer-supplier relationship!

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Turn Supplier Information into Value Chain Impact

How can Kodiak Hub benefit you & your team?

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Save time on management of supplier data, documents, and product information, with automated updates and easy access for your team. 


Always know who you buy from and why you buy from them, through robust ratings, KPI´s and notifications; clearly visualized and always accessible.


Data-driven decision making enabled by continuous data enrichment, paired with a powerful business intelligence engine.


Bring better products and services to market, and increase competitive edge, engaging with the best suppliers for collaborative innovation and development.  


State-of the art SRM is the vehicle to create positive change at scale, enhancing innovation & sustainable modes of operating in all parts of your value chain.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What does Kodiak Hub do?

Kodiak Hub is a cloud-based Supplier Relationship Management platform helping global procurement and sourcing teams to buy smarter, more strategically and increasingly more sustainable products and services.

Our platform offers a wide range of modules that customers can plug & play to meet their specific supplier management needs. Kodiak Hub functionality covers SIM, SRM, SPM, SQM, risk, compliance and collaboration.

Does Kodiak Hub support integrations to my existing tech stack?

Kodiak Hub loves integrations <3

Cross-application integration is simple and suggested with Kodiak Hub to ensure top-notch supplier data quality. Kodiak Hub offers a future-proof, scalable, tech/data stack with an open API Architecture. Our REST API documentation is available to push & pull data from existing business ecosystems, and there is of course capability for tailored API integrations should that be needed. 

Kodiak Hub is Compatible with ERP and S2P providers such as: SAP, Zylo, Oracle, Coupa, Ariba, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, M3 and many more!

What industries does Kodiak Hub support?

Kodiak Hub has use cases in many industries, as the platform is easily configured to customer needs.

Some industries we have most prevalent use cases are (in no particular order); Technology, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Automotive, Chemicals, Mining and Metals, Construction, Real Estate, FMCG, Retail, Food Production, Furniture.

How does Kodiak Hub differentiate from other SRM tooling?

Kodiak Hub offers a wide range of Supplier Management solutions, allowing users to plug & play addressing a multitude of stakeholder needs; Supplier Quality, Sustainability, Supply Chain and Sourcing/Procurement.

Our suite of modules makes it simple for users to gather robust data from suppliers, internal stakeholders, 3rd party providers and existing business solutions, directly converting information into intelligence.

Kodiak Hub’s rating methodology lies at the core of the solution helping users to build unique and robust sourcing intelligence from 360º supplier profiles. 

Kodiak Hub stands out from the pack with our easy-to-use UX/UI, which makes onboarding fast and shortens time for solution ROI.

How to get started with the platform?

Forget year long implementation projects with extensive process analysis and staggering consultancy fees! Kodiak Hub prides itself by having a short  TTV (time to value). The onboarding of the platform is based on clear process steps, in which a dedicated customer success manager provides continuous support, mixed with short iterations of user training enhanced by in-platform tool-tips and short videos that guide the user.

Any integration documentation is provided to the customers early in the process and if needed our tech team stands by to enable quick and easy integrations early in the process.

What kind of customer support is available?

Kodiak Hub is focused on delivering great and intuitive tech that enables users and customers to be as self-serving as possible. The tech is designed to enable a smooth and seamless user journey and to not require additional extensive consultancy services from us. Each customer has a dedicated customer success manager to support customers in their value enhancement created on the platform, and to ensure users get value out of the platform each single day. There are a number of resources available to our customers, ranging from training sessions online, an extensive resource center, white papers, check-lists and tips complemented with in-platform training and tool tips. We’re here to support self-sufficiency among users and to enable continuous improvements of strategic and operational SRM practices.

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