5 Supplier Management Tasks You Can Automate With a SRM Platform

The wisdom of the old engineering adage, "Work smarter not harder" holds true in the procurement domain.

Procurement stands on the cusp of a significant digital metamorphosis. Various procurement units are initiating their progression toward more intelligent tools and methodologies to enhance the source-to-pay (S2P) or procure-to-pay (P2P) processes. During this pivotal phase, some opt for gradual evolution, while others seek radical, groundbreaking solutions.

This scenario leads to the question:

Are you truly leveraging technology to automate your supplier management tasks?

A study conducted by The Hackett Group in (2023) found that 42% of procurement teams were still using legacy suites and lacked specialized tools for their supplier management operations.

In a case study made by Kodiak Hub, our customer went from spending 8-10 months per year on Supplier Management Tasks - to doing the same work in 3-4 weeks by automating many of these.

If you could save that many hours on automating SRM activities, we assume you would like to know more about what exact activities and how?
Join our team on September 6th at 15:00 CET to find out! 

It's time to work smarter, not harder!

What to expect from this Webinar?
  • Introduction & Content overview from Steve Middleton, Kodiak Hub
  • State of Supplier Management technology, adoption & market landscape
  • 5 Supplier Management Tasks You Can Automate With a SRM Platform
  • Q&A