7 Key Technologies for future Strategic Sourcing Success

7 Key Technologies for future Strategic Sourcing Success

Global trade grew to a value of approximately 25.3Trillion USD in 2018. The global availability of information & data has grown at 4x the speed. 

We’re living in a new reality, where information & data have replaced capital as the number one global commodity. 

What does this mean for Procurement & Sourcing teams?
It means that procurement teams are managing large spend volumes and exponentially large amounts of data. At the same time, it means that strategic procurement & sourcing professionals are becoming one of the most central functions in the organization. Items & services in, products & profits out; a strategic sourcing & procurement manager has their fingerprints all over the success of bottom-line & top-line business success. You control the spend, you manage the suppliers, and you’re the gatekeeper. 
Strategic sourcing is more business-critical than ever before, but your priorities & technology of the future may not match the priorities of the past. 
It’s a new reality. 
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What to expect from this Webinar Recording
  • Introduction from Kodiak Hub by Host Sam Jenks
  • The state of Strategic Sourcing in 2020
  • 7 Key Technologies, Focus Areas and Actionable tips for future Strategic Sourcing Success
  • Q&A

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