8 Essential Features of Smart Supplier Scorecards

8 Essential Features of Smart Supplier Scorecards

In today's competitive business landscape, effective supplier management is crucial for ensuring a resilient and high-performing supply chain.

Supplier scorecards are essential for saving time on strategic sourcing decisions, managing supplier performance, identifying risks, ensuring compliance, and fostering collaboration with top suppliers. Despite this, many procurement teams lack modern solutions to create balanced, visually appealing scorecards. It's time to move beyond spreadsheets and set aside your RAG scores!

Join us on July 11th at 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT for an insightful webinar, "8 Essential Features of Smart Supplier Scorecards," where we will delve into the critical components that make supplier scorecards a powerful tool for procurement professionals.

This webinar provides practical tips and best practices using the Kodiak Hub SRM solution, leading to better data gathering, reliable Supplier Ratings, comprehensive scorecards, enhanced sourcing intelligence, and more data-driven decisions.

What can you expect from this webinar?
  • Introduction from Kodiak Hub
  • Benefits of supplier scorecards
  • 8 Essential Features of Smart Supplier Scorecards
  • Demonstration of best practices for building scorecards in Kodiak Hub
  • Q&A