The Winning Formula: How AI Elevates Your Supplier Financial Assessments

Imagine going to your favorite Micheline Star restaurant and ordering a meal. However, this time, instead of a meal, you order all the separate ingredients and attempt to recreate the same quality outcome at home. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Similarly, when it comes to assessing supplier credit risk, relying solely on assessing numerous raw financial statements is not only time-consuming and costly, but it’s also insufficient. 

Modefinance understands this and acts as your skilled chef, combining all the ingredients of financials, sector analysis, and country-specific factors. Leveraging their impressive arsenal of over 25 000 models and considering 15 dimensions, they serve you a supplier credit score you can trust. Furthermore, it’s instant. 

To dig deeper into how this works and why you should NOT rely on your old ways of assessing your suppliers' financial status - we’ve invited the experts to our Webtalk! A short fireside talk with our host Steve Middleton & our guest, Roger Håkanson from Modefinance.

What can you expect from the recording?

  • How you can evaluate your entire supplier base's credit score in a matter of seconds.

  • How to increase the coverage of assessed suppliers in your supplier base.

  • Focusing on the 10-20% worst scores to dig deeper vs 10-20% of your largest suppliers for additional research.

What is Modefinance?
Modefinance is transforming the landscape of credit assessments and is powered by a team of 60 PhDs, professors, and industry experts, which has helped them to quickly emerge as the go-to solution for assessing supplier credit scores and financial health.  

They’re approved by the Guide Michelin of Finance Regulators, ESMA (European Securities & Markets Authority) and every year they process over 25 million credit scores.