Procurement Trends 2022: a Fresh New Beginning

Procurement Trends 2022: a Fresh New Beginning



Trend spotting has become a bit ironic… no?

2020 brought us a Global Pandemic, 2021 brought us the ripple effects; supply shortages, fluctuating prices, broken supplier contracts and little time left over to focus on anything else than the day to day. Tough to spot those trends... 

With 2021 soon behind us, bravely we walk into a new year with a new outlook, breathing in deep breaths of new hope & opportunity. 

Procurement has been put in a pinch during the past 2 years. Some teams have struggled, whilst others have risen to the occasion. 

Regardless of how you’ve fared during two tough years, your stock is rising 📈

Procurement teams have been a crutch to lean on as supply chain complexity continues to surmount. The challenges of the past two years have highlighted procurement’s impact in driving top-line value. 

It’s time for a Fresh Start.

Join our team on December 16, 2021 at 15:00 CET as we dive into the Procurement Trends of 2022 and beyond!

What can you expect from this Webinar?

  • Introduction from Kodiak Hub by Host Sam Jenks
  • Reflecting on 2021
  • Current State of Procurement
  • 10+ Trends, Challenges & Opportunities within Procurement in 2022 and Beyond
  • Q & A

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