Procurement Trends 2022: a Fresh New Beginning

Procurement Trends 2022: a Fresh New Beginning


Trendspotting has become a bit ironic… no?

2020 brought us a Global Pandemic, 2021 brought us the ripple effects; supply shortages, fluctuating prices, broken supplier contracts, and little time left over to focus on anything else than the day-to-day. Tough to spot those trends... 

With 2021 soon behind us, bravely we walk into a new year with a new outlook, breathing in deep breaths of new hope & opportunity. 

Procurement has been put in a pinch during the past 2 years. Some teams have struggled, whilst others have risen to the occasion. 

Regardless of how you’ve fared during two tough years, your stock is rising 📈

Procurement teams have been a crutch to lean on as supply chain complexity continues to surmount. The challenges of the past two years have highlighted procurement’s impact in driving top-line value. 

It’s time for a Fresh Start.

What can you expect from this Webinar Recording?

  • Introduction from Kodiak Hub by Host Sam Jenks
  • Procurement: a function in Transition
  • 12 Trends, Challenges & Opportunities within Procurement in 2022 and Beyond
  • Q & A


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