The Future State of Supplier Management

The Future State of Supplier Management

2020 was... interesting.
A year we all would love to forget, but never will be forgotten, 2020 has had a profound impact on the current & future state of procurement, sourcing & supply chain management. Bravely we walk into a new year with a new outlook, breathing in deep breaths of new hope & opportunity.
Our team at Kodiak Hub recognizes the challenges you faced during 2020, and what kind of new challenges wait around the bend in 2021. 
Join our team on January 21, 2021, at 15:00 CET to dive into The Future State of Supplier Management: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities to keep an eye on!
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What can you expect from this Webinar Recording?
  • Introduction from Kodiak Hub by Host Sam Jenks
  • Reflecting on 2020
  • Current State of Supplier Management
  • 11 Trends, Challenges & Opportunities within Supplier Management in 2021

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