The Most Powerful Executives in the World Shouldn’t Be Left Stranded

"Sourcing, Procurement & Supply Chain Executivesyou are the real heroes in a landscape where operational execution is everything!" says our CEO & Founder Malin Schmidt.

Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Executives are quickly becoming the most powerful executives in the world.  As businesses face new challenges, these executives are increasingly being turned to as the only heroes who can save the day. Now more than ever, their decisions will either make or break companies!  

The so-called “Amazon Effect” originated in retail, but has redefined the competitive landscape across many industries. Businesses have to perfect how they get products to the right place at the right time — or they will simply lose customers to faster competitors. Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Executives must ensure these new standards of efficiency and prevent adverse supply chains that could break a company’s stride.  

On top of this, Sourcing, Procurement, & Supply Chain Executives also have to navigate the challenges of climate change. Companies rely on them to ensure that supply chains are optimized, risks are mitigated, inefficiencies are reduced, and that more sustainable alternative sources of goods and raw materials are adopted. 

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But in this new landscape — where businesses depends on operational excellence and sustainable transformation to succeed — why are Sourcing, Procurement, & Supply Chain Executives being left stranded? While automation continues to grow in all walks of life, Sourcing and Procurement have unfortunately been left behind, lacking the technology and tools to help them solve these new challenges.  

Kodiak Hub was just selected as one of the 100 pioneering ProcureTech solutions in the world for the second year in a row. Together with our ProcureTech 100 peers, we are on a mission to put innovative tools in the hands of Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Executives — the real heroes in this game of sustainable global trade. Tools that will drastically lower sense-making costs and enable faster, smarter, and more efficient decision-making that will transform how companies interact and operate across tiers in their supply chains.  

“Where there is great power, there is great responsibility,” famously said Winston Churchill. But great responsibility should also come with great power. As Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Executives face new challenges, they deserve to be empowered with the tools that are essential to solve them and to be the heroes that their organizations need them to be.  

- Malin Schmidt, Founder & CEO of Kodiak Hub

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