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RWC UK - Reliance Worldwide Corporation - has its roots in Brisbane, Australia where they set up a small tool shop in 1949. Fast forward to today and they have over 2000 employees, 31 distribution hubs, 16 manufacturing plants and are serving over 60 countries throughout the world.

RWC has a broad spectrum of products, but are mostly known for their innovations that deliver high-performance and time-saving solutions for plumbing and heating systems. Globally, they are the largest within their segment.

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The Challenge

RWC UK was using a mix between an access database and spreadsheets where they stored contracts, sub-contracts, supplier information, and all of their supplier documentation.

With some supplier data being localized, not all departments had access to the same data and information. And since the data was spread out, it was time-consuming fetching all the necessary supplier information, when needed. With over 300 suppliers, they also had a hard time keeping up with checking that every certificate and contract was up-to-date.

To keep up with the manual work, their purchasing team had one full-time employee who focused the bulk of their time on managing supplier information, documentation & compliance.

RWC UK had also decided on a global level that they were going to conduct more detailed reports on ESG metrics - to meet sustainability initiatives. They quickly ran into problems using excel spreadsheets to keep track of supplier compliance,  engagement, and overall sustainability profiles. 

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The Solution

Kodiak Hub's software helped RWC UK to capture and consolidate essential supplier data and information into one platform. This gave the Quality and Procurement Department access to dashboards and reporting functions to easily view and evaluate the same supplier data & KPIs. This has created a common view for the organization, and enhanced overall supply chain visibility. 

With Kodiak Hub's reporting-, notification- and collaboration functions, RWC UK was able to start approving suppliers in a much more efficient manner, creating massive time savings on supplier onboarding & governance.

With the help of Kodiak Hub's attribute library, automated templates, and 3rd party risk solutions, their team was able to create much more detailed reports on ESG metrics and visualize the overall impact of their supplier base.

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The Result

RWC UK went from having one person (with team input) working full-time managing supplier data & information from various internal sources - to this person solely focusing on strategic development; improving their supplier base performance. 

Efficiencies gained from Kodiak Hub have saved their team 1 FTE's worth of hours per year, which can now be spent on optimizing RWC UK's supplier collaboration and driving strategic purchasing initiatives.

Insights gathered in Kodiak Hub have enabled RWC UK to issue a more robust ESG report where they've included metrics like CO2 emissions, Modern Day Slavery, Waste, REACH, RoHS, WASH, and much more.

With the help of Kodiak Hub, RWC UK can now track sustainability KPIs, set targets, and drill down on how to reduce the impact of their global supply chain.

Key Take Away 1
Data You Can Trust

"Since we started having all supplier certificates, contracts, and information in one place - while also having notifications telling us when something expires - we can now trust the data is current and up-to-date. And if it's not, we can quickly send out actions via the collaboration tool to fix it"

Key Take Away 2
Focus on Strategic Instead of Manual Work

"We used to have one person full-time going back and forth between our database and our spreadsheets. They had to manually check that all supplier data, contracts, and documentation were up to date. Today, we don't need that since all departments have access to all data in one consolidated platform with dashboards and reports. It's much more manageable.

So it has saved us significant resources internally and freed up a whole resource's time to focus on more strategic initiatives. We can now instead look for improvements in our supplier base, contracts and supplier collaborations"

"We've been so impressed with the Kodiak Hub system that we're now looking to expand it into other areas of our business globally."

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