11 Tips & Tricks for creating kick-butt Supplier Self-Assessments

11 Tips & Tricks for creating kick-butt Supplier Self-Assessments

You want to learn how to play basketball, you ask Lebron James to show you how it’s done.

You want to learn how to systematically modernize, develop and streamline your supplier self-assessments, you ask Malin Schmidt.

Malin Schmidt founded Kodiak Hub back in 2015, originally with a sole-focus on helping global organizations to streamline their means of supplier self-assessment and build more robust supplier ratings in the process. Since then, Malin and her team have continued to expand their product offerings, now offering a best-of-breed solution in the space of SRM & SPM. 

Supplier self-assessment may seem like a small part of an overall SRM strategy, but in reality, self-assessment is a cornerstone of organizational due-diligence, and working towards smart, sustainable and responsible sourcing & procurement practices. Self-assessment is a necessary step to align your organization with the best suppliers for you. 


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Kodiak Hub is here to lay it all out on the line and prepare you for writing & implementing kick-butt self-assessments of your supplier base.

  • Dive into the importance of Data & Technology

  • Best Practices from Kodiak Hub's own CEO

  • 11 Tips & Tricks to get your supplier self-assessments headed in the right direction!

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