From Finding to Signing: Introducing sign(UP) & sign(ON)

Streamline the earliest stages of your supplier lifecycle management with Kodiak Hub's new supplier self-registration and document e-signing process orchestration features.

They say time is the most valuable commodity in the world. So it’s a tragic irony that Procurement and Sourcing still waste so much of it, with teams typically spending over 50% of their time on operational tasks like manual data entry and managing siloed processes.  

In these turbulent times of new business challenges and unending disruptions, Procurement and Sourcing don’t have any time to waste. That’s why Kodiak Hub is committed to offering innovative solutions that streamline the routine tasks of the past. With automated process orchestration tools, Kodiak Hub enables your team to free up more time and focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing resilience, and driving supplier performance, collaboration, and innovation. 

Today, we’re excited to launch two new process orchestration features to help you further automate and optimize your supplier lifecycle management.   

sign(UP), our supplier self-registration solution that streamlines the onboarding process.   

And sign(ON), our e-signing process orchestration tool and Docusign integration that automates the document signing process. 

Introducing sign(UP)

SignUp demo new-1

sign(UP) simplifies supplier onboarding with customizable supplier self-registration forms that you can tailor to your needs and send directly to potential suppliers or embed on your website.   

Our user-friendly forms make it easy for potential suppliers to submit relevant information, product/service offerings, and certificates or documents, which is automatically integrated into your Kodiak Hub platform with a supplier scorecard.  

Get notifications when new suppliers self-register and centralize all potential supplier information into a single-source of truth. Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of your supplier onboarding and ensure that you’re always partnering with the best suppliers.  

What are the benefits of sign(UP)? 

Efficient Onboarding

Save time and skip the manual work with your supplier onboarding by allowing suppliers to self-register via customizable forms and submit all relevant information and documents directly into your Kodiak Hub platform, reducing paperwork and expediting the overall onboarding timeline.

Data Accuracy & Completeness

Always receive accurate and complete information from new suppliers by standardizing the onboarding process through a structured digital form, minimizing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Compliance Verification

Effortlessly collect and verify compliance-related information from new suppliers by incorporating fields into your supplier self-registration forms to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements, quality standards, and any specific certifications necessary for engagement with your organization. 

Introducing sign(ON)

Sign On-1

sign(ON) is our new e-signing process orchestration tool, powered by Docusign, that allows you to automate the document signing process and centralize your document management within the Kodiak Hub platform.   

Within your supplier scorecards, you can initiate a document signing and create a queue of signers and reviewers to automate the signing process. Easily track the real-time progress of your document signing and send automatic reminders to signers/reviewers if they haven’t responded in time.  

Enhance the efficiency of your document workflows, reduce the risk of errors, and foster a smoother procurement process with integrated and automated e-signing powered by Docusign.   

What are the benefits of sign(ON)? 

Centralized Document Management

sign(ON) centralizes your document signing and management within the Kodiak Hub platform, providing you with a seamless procurement experience and increased efficiency. 

Data Consistency & Accuracy 

Ensure data consistency with your documents and reduce the risk of errors or discrepancies that may arise when managing e-signatures separately.

Document Process Orchestration 

Streamline your procurement with automated process orchestration of document signing and management between all stakeholders in a single environment, saving you time and ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. 

From finding to signing...

Kodiak Hub’s new sign(UP) and sign(ON) features empower you drive more sustainable supplier relationships from the start, making it easier for you to find the best new suppliers and start collaborating with them faster.  

From finding to signing, these features streamline the earliest stages of the supplier lifecycle to enable you to spend more time forging strategic partnerships with your best suppliers and driving sustainable transformation throughout your supply chain with the rest of our innovative SRM solutions. 

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