New Whitepaper: Elevating Performance with Supplier Intelligence

In collaboration with ProcureTech, we've surveyed 100+ Procurement & Sourcing leaders on how organizations are leveraging supplier intelligence and shared valuable insights about how it can drive improved performance across the board. Download the whitepaper today!

At Kodiak Hub, we know the power of supplier intelligence to enable faster, smarter sourcing decisions, improve supplier relationships throughout the entire lifecycle, and drive improved performance across the board.

But unfortunately, too many Procurement organizations have yet to leverage the potential of their supplier information to unlock valuable insights, drive smarter decision-making, and optimize their supplier performance.

As our Founder & CEO Malin Schmidt says, “Procurement is drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

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In collaboration with ProcureTech, we recently conducted research on the current state of supplier intelligence, what best-in-class SRM looks like, and the massive opportunities that reside in utilizing supplier intelligence to drive performance throughout the entire lifecycle.

In our new whitepaper “Elevating Performance: Strategies for enhancing supplier performance across the lifecycle,” we’re sharing our research findings from surveying over 100 Procurement leaders about how organizations are currently leveraging supplier intelligence, the objectives and benefits throughout the supplier lifecycle, the opportunities to accelerate supplier performance, and much more! 

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Within this comprehensive whitepaper, we’ve shared valuable insights on:

  • How Procurement is using supplier performance intelligence
  • The maturity of Procurement’s supplier data
  • How performance data is driving supplier collaboration and improvement
  • Understanding and measuring supplier performance areas
  • And much more!


In parallel with the launch of this white paper, we also hosted a webinar together with ProcureTech to explore and dig in to this valuable research in an engaging discussion with:

  • Malin Schmidt (Founder & CEO, Kodiak Hub)
  • Laura Chavarria (Head of Product, Kodiak Hub)
  • Lance Younger (CEO, ProcureTech)
  • Daniel Wilson (Head of Indirect Procurement, Philips)
  • Yuri Hembitski (Global Head of Procurement Excellence, Novonesis)

Check out the full webinar here:

We hope that this research will empower you with valuable insights about how to leverage your supplier intelligence to drive performance and inspire you to elevate your supplier relationships with innovative SRM solutions like Kodiak Hub! 

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