Data: Changing Procurement as we know it

Data-driven operations & strategy is becoming a new standard in industries at large, but are procurement & sourcing missing the train heading towards Data City?

45% of Procurement Leaders answered in the 2018 CPO Survey from Deloitte that Lack of Data Quality was their largest barrier to adopting new digital procurement solutions. 46% of Procurement Leaders believed that lack of data integration between business systems is the biggest barrier to adopt and apply digital technology within their procurement organizations. 30% reported back in the same survey that limited stakeholder endorsement or prioritization is the biggest barrier for going more digital (Deloitte 2018). 


What can you expect from this eBook?

 Kodiak Hub is here to lay it all out on the line and prepare you for the road ahead! Data is the new oil; rich, in abundance, powerful and changing our world - professionally and personally - and procurement isn’t getting a pass.

This eBook poses answers to the following questions:

  • What does it require to be data-driven in your procurement & sourcing?

  • What is Big Data? How can procurement use big data to be more intelligent?

  • How has data changed the way we make decisions?

  • What kind of tools/solutions are required to ensure that data is being leveraged properly?

  • What disciplines of procurement & sourcing will data impact the most?

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